Foods That Give You Energy – For a Productive Day

Ever wonder why you wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready take on whatever the day might throw at you and then only two hours into your day you start feeling sleepy and you find it hard to concentrate. Well the answer to that question is obvious it is because you are not eating the type of foods that give you energy. Eating the proper foods that give you energy at the right times could be the one thing that either makes or breaks your entire day.

Now I know you are wondering how something as minute as the food we eat could play such an important role in our daily lives. Yes I know, but believe it or not, in-fact it is the only thing that will make a have a productive day, forget about getting more sleep, or drinking coffee, or wasting money on energy bars, or even rinsing your face with water, the only thing that will keep you awake is eating the right foods.

OK so which foods are the best?
Generally foods that takes longer to digest or food that makes your body work a bit more are the type of food that will benefit you most like complex carbohydrates and foods high in fiber. Another thing that I suggest you should always have beside you Red boost is water. Try consuming at least 10 glasses of water day, during and after meals. Now when I say water it does not include soft-drinks and coffee, I am talking about pure water with no additives, like what you would get in bottled water.

Another great energy booster especially if you sometimes have cravings for sweet things, are fruit and vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, pineapples or even sweet corn. I cannot stress enough how important it is to eat as much fruits and vegetables everyday because the benefits are endless. Now a lot of people might say that you should be staying away from fat if you are trying to lose weight, but believe it or not fat actually has more energy than most foods but only try to consume unsaturated fats that you find in nuts, seeds, fish, and avocados.

Another great tip to remember is always to try to break your meals down into 6 small meals instead of having 3 big meals a day. Doing this will make sure that your body is constantly fueled keeping your metabolic rate at high levels. So there you have it, finally those sleepy days will now be a thing of the past.