Weight Loss Workout Program – Why Weight Training is Crucial For Weight Loss

If anyone ask me what is the best way to accelerate weight loss, then my answer would be to include weight training routines in your program. But a lot of people doesn’t like this advice because they think weight training is for building muscles and it has nothing to do with weight loss. There are also lot of myths prevailing on weight workouts. If you want to speed up your weight loss process and to stay lean afterwards you need to include weight training. Weight training is not only for bodybuilders, it has been done by athletes of almost every sport. So here’s why you need to do weight training to lose weight.

Weight training increases your lean muscles. It is very important to increase lean muscles, as cardio and dieting can lead to muscle loss. If you lose muscles your metabolism slows down and you won’t burn fat efficiently. So if you do weight training along with cardio and diet you will increases lean body muscles. An increase in lean body mass leads to a faster metabolism, that means you will be able to lose fat even at rest. Then think how easy it is to lose weight if you are burning calories when you are resting or watching t.v. You will lose more weight without doing any extra work.

Here’s some weight loss training tips you can follow

1. Do weight workouts 3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes. Do not train more than one hour. Doing weight training more than one hour can produce the catabolic hormone cortisol which can result in muscle loss.

2. Split your training. For an example you can work on back,biceps and calves on Monday, leg, shoulders and forearms on Wednesday and chest, triceps and abs on Friday. All other days you can take rest or do your regular cardio workouts.

3. Do 4-8 sets for smaller muscle groupsĀ buy keto gummies such as biceps, triceps and deltoids and 6-12 sets for bigger muscle groups like chest, thighs and back. Do 6-12 reps for each set taken to failure.

4. Do warm ups and light stretching before your actual workouts. Warm ups can be done by running for about 5 minutes on the treadmill. Also do warm ups with the weight for high reps, 15-20 reps before starting your actual set.

5. When first working out concentrate more on form rather than weights. A lot of trainers makes this mistake by adding heavy weights and doing poor form. You have to choose a weight which you can handle and concentrate more on proper form.